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How to deal with sexist parents? (that happen to be siblings of mine...)

My sister is advising me on gifts to get my niece and she keeps saying "Lego Friends car" because "she really likes cars but the regular lego ones are for boys." Apparently it doesn't matter what my niece wants because she's a girl so she gets pink.

I then state that I am against Lego Friends and why and she rolls her eyes and says I must be against all toys then, since they're all gendered.


I say...well, yes. I am against the notion that toys are gendered.

It makes me really sad that my niece is really into cars but her mom says right in front of her that cars aren't "for her."

Anyway, I'm not sure if I should be a smug asshole and get tons of hot wheels and "boy" cars, if I should leave it be, or if I should continue the conversation. Any suggestions?

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