I've been working with this guy, not very closely, for about a year and a half. I've always sensed that he had a crush on me, or something, on me. Up until a couple of months ago he was discreet about it and, although I don't particularly like him, he didn't bother me much.

I'm pretty sure he noticed that I became close to a guy in the last few months and that was about when he changed his behavior. Lately he has been trying to show up wherever I am, "helps" me when I don't ask for it, the other night he texted me to ask a question (I just answered with one sentence, but he wrote a couple more, trying to initiate a conversation) he stares too, I even caught him looking into my cleavage when I leaned once, he looks at me up and down when he sees me. It's nothing that other people notice, but I do and I really hate being around him now. He and the co-worker whom I like are somewhat friendly, so sometimes when I want to talk to him, this other guy is around, so I'm doubly cross because I have to sometimes avoid the one I want to talk to because the other one is around, but I digress.

I've been trying to avoid him, at the same time I feel sorry for him, and try to force myself to talk to him when he is close enough. Is it wrong to completely shun him? Should I just try to avoid him discreetly (this works sometimes, but sometimes he asks me where I'm going and shows up there)? Should I ask him to stop staring (I'm seriously thinking about doing that.) Should I ask the coworker that I like to help me avoid him, but then won't he (the one I like) think I'm a bitch unless I tell him the whole story?