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How to destroy a friendship in one sentence

My mother’s friend (MF late 70s) called last week complaining that her friend (MFF as in mother’s friend’s friend) came up from out of state to spend time with her kids and grandkids. MF said she came over to MF for a visit (yes taking time away from her family to visit MF].

MF was happy to see her and then.... yes and then MFF started showing pictures of her grandkids and greatgrand baby. MF said to MFF “I am not interested in seeing those pictures”. She told my mother “why would I be interested in pictures of kids I will never meet”.

Well MF last week could not believe her friend who she has not seen for over a year would do this,.showing pictures


Today when my mother called her (she does about every day) MF complained her friend MFF was being very cool to her.

After my mother told me, she said “what did she think would happen, she could have looked at the pictures for five minutes thank her then change the subject”.

I agreed thinking “no duh”. Not sure if that expression is still used it means “no kidding”.

Yes one sentence can destroy a friendship.

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