Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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How to do things cheaply? (Bras, etc.)

This is going to contain multiple themes of “how do I do things cheaply?” All advice welcome!

1. Bras. The last time I got bras I got them from Target. So yay, they were cheap! But boooo, they kinda suck. I wear a B or C cup, so I assume pretty much every bra store will have my size, which is nice. What bras are sturdy and comfy without costing an arm and a leg? They don’t have to be cute. I have been prioritizing cuteness for my entire bra-wearing life, and I think I need to just let that ship sail gently away. Not-falling-apart is priority #1.


2. I have a bunch of extra days off surrounding memorial day (the family I work for is taking a trip), but I will not be going anywhere. So I guess it’s a “staycation?” Or just like, existing at home with nothing to do for six days, while my roommate is gone, and also not being paid for those days. Ideas for fun, cheap things to do in DC, alone or with a friend? I feel like I have done everything already, but I’m sure I haven’t.

3. My first Blue Apron box arrives tomorrow. I only got it because it was 50% off, but now the website is tempting me with all the goodies they have planned for the upcoming weeks, and I am finding myself tempted to just...not cancel my subscription. Remind me that lentils are cheap and filling, and to keep getting Blue Apron would be profligate?

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