1. Send your valentine cute/ funny internet valentines.-

2. Make them a dang valentine! Go to your parents house, parents always have crafty stuff like felt paper in 3 different drawers of their house. Cut some felt paper into the shape of a heart, get a marker and write something sappy on the front, sign the back. +10 points if your parents have dinosaur stickers you can use. If you don't have parents, get a piece of computer paper and a pen, fold that paper hamburger-style, hot-dog style? (It's been awhile since i was in school) fold that paper whatever way you want to- and if you don't want to fold it, fuck that, don't do it! You can just write "i love you" with a pen and slip it under your significant other's door. If you don't have a pen and paper you could always tell them what you would have done for them if you had the craft stuff/talent.

3. Reese's Heart... it's 3 dollars at Walmart, you might have that in change, or maybe you just got your tax return. Get that peanut-buttery chocolate heart thang for your valentine, they probably love it.


4. Just spend time with your valentine! Oh you don't have time? You're both working opposite shifts today? You live 10,000 miles apart? Make time, you can text/snapchat/facetime/skype or call! Tell them how much they mean to you, this part is kind of important, a little bit.

5. If you somehow live somewhere it's not snowing or if you live somewhere cold but your neighbor's have these plants go steal some flowers from them. Maybe ask for permission or exercise caution with this one.


Yay you did it!! You may only have $2.08 in your savings account but that doesn't matter right now, if you did one of these 5 ideas for your valentine... you did good!