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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I am rather lucky that on the whole I avoid idiots, racists and homophobes on my Facebook feed. However, I got a weird one a few months back.

Under borderline blackmail from my mother (she said she wouldn't let my dad take my stuff to university unless I did) I went to my parents church. After the service, I was surrounded by people wanting to have a chit chat with me about how they last saw me when I was tiny and how my Theology degree is going. Then a woman I knew in her seventies or eighties came up to me. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Hi
Older woman: I don't have to ask you how you are, I know because I regularly look on your Facebook profile to see what you are up to.
Me: Ah, okay.
Older woman: But I have seen some concerning things.
Me: Oh really?
Older woman: Yes, you have posted some things which seem to say that gay marriage is okay.
Me: Yes.
Older woman: You must have missed the bits in the bible where God says gay marriage isn't okay.
Me: I believe the bible says it is.
Older woman: But it says it isn't.
Me: I look at the context and believe it doesn't say that.
Older woman: *looks confused at why bible college student is a heathen*
Me: (Explains context.)
Older woman: I have watched some videos explaining why you are wrong. You should also watch them then you will realise what the bible says is that it is wrong.
Me: Thankyou. I may watch those videos.


On the way home I received a long telling off about respecting people who have been Christians for a long time. I explained how I fully respected her opinion and that I wasn't disrespectful.

Now they have invited her over for lunch and have told me I am expected to be there.


Bleugh. Bleugh. How do you educate people like this? Any ideas? What am I meant to say if she brings it up again?

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