My roommate, who I love more than life itself, is moving to a different city this summer and breaking my heart forever. I can't afford to live in this city alone (and I don't even think I'd like it that much), I need a new roommate. My goal is to stay in my current apartment, because we painted the walls a gorgeous butter yellow, it has old wood floors and new appliances, and I love the location.

The downside? It is a one bedroom apartment. Sharing a bedroom with one of my best friends (who never brought a guy home once thank god) has been fine. But it makes me especially wary of internet strangers, because I wouldn't have any private space away from them.

I have one local friend who might be able to move in for a little while this summer but who will probably leave the area this fall, and another local friend who I know would love to move in, but the last time she tried it fell through because she couldn't afford rent on her own and her parents decided not to pay the difference for her (a valid decision on their part tbh—keeping her home saves them a lot of money).

But by this summer she might finally be ready to move out on her own. She can't live at home forever can she? I can't hang my hopes on her though, because that has put me in a bad position before and I need to protect my own interests.

So how do I find a nice, clean, sane, reliable, (preferably a woman) roommate? My apartment is pretty and I mop the floors semi-regularly so I bet it would look good in photos to put online. Or are there any GTers who know someone who needs housing starting this summer in northwest Washington DC? I trust you guys.


Update: Okay, if one bedroom is too weird what I actually want is advice on how to find a roommate in general. So assuming I move to a place I can share with someone (though the thought of moving to the suburbs completely breaks my heart) the real question here is how do I find a normal person? I always feel like craigslist is sketchy.