Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I do freelance work for people, including graphic design and web work. One of my clients is my step mom. Our history is fraught, to say the least. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in therapy addressing the things she did to me as a kid and teenager, and I think it helped. But I have a hard time saying no, and for some reason, an even harder time saying no to her.

Basically, I don’t want to do work for her anymore. She’s not a great client, as far as clients go, but I just don’t like what she does. She holds herself out there as an “energy healer,” but every time I see her bio talking about helping to heal families, all I can think of is her tearing me down as a kid, berating my brother (once so bad, he ran away. While we were on vacation. In Mexico. My dad had to go through the streets of a Mexican town looking for his 11 year old son because she just kept harping on him), sending her own daughter off to an outdoor camp and then a boarding school (which was shut down for abusing the kids there and then settled a class-action lawsuit) because she got pregnant at 13 by some 18-year-old loser, and all the while holding her oldest son out as the Golden Child. He could do no wrong.

As a person, I would not socialize with her if I didn’t already know her. She’s strongly anti-vax, thinks they cause autism, and her overall attitude about it is strongly ableist. She’s judgmental and makes snide remarks about my dad (they’re not together anymore) even when he’s trying to help her daughter. She’s just kind of a shitty person, I think she’s selling snake oil bullsh*t, and I don’t want to work for her anymore. I don’t even care about losing the money. It’s not that much anyway.


How do I fire her as a client? Anyone else had to fire a family member as a client? I keep thinking “If BoyPenguin and I move away, that’s a good reason!” but we shouldn’t have to move from where we love just for me to have a good enough excuse to fire her.

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