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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How to get this job I really want?

So...I did get a job offer last week to be a bank teller, which is great and all, but not really what I want. And it's only part time. But just now I noticed a full time opening at my old university that I really, really want. If I could get this job I could move back to my college town, and it would basically be amazing and allow me to live the life that I want to live. It's an administrative assistant position, which I don't have any direct experience in. But I was a TA for two years, so I know about higher education, and I've done pretty much everything on their list of requirements (filing, classroom tech support, general office stuff).

How can I get this job? The application is pretty standard, it wants a resume, references, and cover letter. But it also lists people to contact with questions. Should I try talking to them directly, and maybe mention that I am an alumna and I'm interested in the position? Or would that be too much? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


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