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How to Handle an Drunk In-Law?

So, my very drunk brother-in-law is currently crashing in our apartment because he decided to have an unplanned get together with my husband this afternoon/evening. I don't really like having him around because all he seems to do is drink and I really don't like being around drunk people. And I especially don't like drunk people in my apartment because I don't want to deal with their behavior and very possible vomit (BLECH!). But my BIL took my husband out to a nice dinner (after my husband made an excuse as to why they couldn't hang out in the apartment) and then he insisted on going to a bar for down the block from us for a few hours of drinking. My husband (not being much a drinker) stayed sober and just figured there was no way out and that he had to look after his older brother. Well, he's now speech slurring, droopy-eyed drunk and I told my husband he needs to crash here because he definitely would drive the 30 minutes home otherwise.

I guess I just need to suck it up, but I just have very little tolerance for this shit. My guess is that he's an alcoholic because he seems to know no limits with his drinking and he does it all the time. And, being a fireman, his whole world revolves around drinking. It's sad, but it also makes me angry that no one will call him out on it. Maybe it's an Irish Catholic thing. I mean, people in his family celebrate drinking and no one ever seems worried about the alcohol abuse. Anyway, I'm just sticking to the bedroom and letting my husband deal with it because it really just makes me so uncomfortable.


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