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How to handle phone message overload in offices

I know that there are a lot of people who, like me, hate phone calls. Work- or personal-related; it doesn’t matter. Phone calls, and especially voicemails, stress me out. I thought I’d share my wisdom in how to handle this like a professional lady.

Step 1: My email signature says that I’m often away from my desk, and that the best way to reach me for anything urgent is to call or text my work cell.

Cell phone: Somehow I’ve ‘forgotten’ to set up my voicemail in the year since I’ve had it. If someone calls my cell I answer, but if I’m not there they are forced to text me the message.


Desk phone voicemail: The greeting hasn’t been updated since March 2017, which warns people how often I check it. Once a month or so I call in and delete all messages older than 2 days old, since I assume if it was urgent they already got a hold of me. I call the most recent people back.

I haven’t been written up or fired yet, so the system works!

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