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How to handle stress

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Hey all, hope everyone is having a good week. I want to talk about handling stress, because I kind of suck at it.

I feel like the past 8 months (has it really been 8 months? Holy shit) that I've spent doing the therapy thing have helped A LOT. I definitely feel like I have a much better handle on my anxiety and depression. Of course some days are harder than others, but overall I feel substantially better. Unfortunately, when I get incredibly stressed, that's when there are problems.


If I have one or two stressors, that I can handle. I may get a bit anxious or frustrated but I'm pretty okay at still getting things done and not being, well, insane. But of course it's never just one or two things, it's all of them at once. For years, so many people have told me that I handle being stressed horribly. Of course it's nice to think "no way, they're all insane or just being mean, I'm fine!" But after, you know, being put into a Coping with Stress therapy group by my intake therapist and having almost every single person I've interacted with throughout my life tell me "dude, when you get really stressed or angry you just throw it everywhere and hit what or whoever is closest," I've come to realize that I apparently suck at handling stress.

I tend to get really frustrated, especially if it's something I can't do anything about (waiting for a closing date for the new co-op, hearing back about financial aid, being sick, etc.) and that frustration leads to anger which just explodes all over the place. I'll definitely be bringing it up in therapy next week, but I was just wondering if any of you guys experience the same thing, or used to but have found ways to handle it. Or just any advice for handling stress, particularly stress that is out of your control. I really feel like I need to find a way to actively see that I'm stressed and acknowledge that I need to take a step back and be by myself for an hour or so, but I don't realize how upset I actually am. So I'll start talking to someone close to me about the things stressing me out and it always gets to the point where they're like "whoa, why are you yelling at me? Did I do something wrong?" I don't even realize that I go there and I need to not. It's not fair to the people in my life trying to be supportive, and it certainly isn't healthy for me. Hell, those of you who have been around for a while have seen me do it on here to you! That's not acceptable.

Thoughts, advice, suggestions, puppies. Thanks, guys!

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