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How to help a family member with cancer.

I would really like to be drunk right now, but I can't because reasons.

Mr GV's mom had surgery for breast cancer a couple weeks ago. All the results are in aaaaaaaaand. . . stage 3 and aggressive.


I'm trying not to think too far ahead. She starts chemo next week, probably Tamoxifen. There will be radiation, too. It's going to be intense. Fortunately, FiL has recovered well from the near-fatal (for him) car accident last November and will be able to do a lot around the house.


One of the things I worry about is her feeling like shit, being tired of feeling like shit and overdoing it. She's always been fiercely independent and always moving (wonder why he likes me so much. . .). I can't predict what kind of help she might need, so I thought I could tap into the hivemind. Mr GV's brother and SiL live in the area and are involved, so they'll be available, too.

I know I can't fix anything about this situation. I know I can't prepare for every eventuality and my "fixer" needs are going to be unmet with this one. I just want to have some ideas in my back pocket.

I'm kinda scared about this. I'm not even thinking about her dying. It's the thought of her having to go through a cure that seems so much more awful than the disease.

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