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So...young, hot, and super fit OKC date from this week has asked me out again. He wants to pack a picnic and go do a hiking trail neither of us have done before. According to the Internet, it's an easy hike, but it's a little longer than the ones I usually do.

It sounds like a blast! I love to hike! But...I sweat profusely when I work out outside...so I wonder if there's any way to keep it to a minimum? He knows I'm a smoker who is trying to quit and get back into shape at the same time. And our date Tuesday night resulted in me being all flushed and sweaty.

It's not what you think, the bar was super hot and humid, and I flush when I drink. :P


Also, what do I wear? Loose-ish denim shorts and a tee should be good, right? Not super cute, but functional.

Crap. I should have suggested lunch where it's inside and air conditioned. Damn.

Edit: I should have added, I don't wear foundation. I usually only do eyeliner/mascara and a neutral eyeshadow if I'm feeling fancy. And lip gloss for dates. I'm more worried about looking all sweaty and gross. I might try to remember to throw my deodorant and perfume in my purse (which will get locked in the trunk of my car) and then making a run for the restroom at the end of the hike.

I'm going for a 3 mile walk/jog right now! Gotta get in shape by Sunday!

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