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So I've signed up to work a weekly overnight shift with a women's crisis safe house near where I live. The first four weeks are just the volunteers sitting around discussing feminist theory (which has been awesome, btw — it's a really great group of people, particularly the organizers). After that, we'll be doing hands-on training at the house and then we'll be on shift for about 4 months.

I've been meaning to do something like this for a while because I'd like to actually do something other than be a bit of a keyboard warrior. That said, I'm also worried about crossing the line of intent. I don't think I'm going to end up being someone who will gush to Binky at the Christmas party about how rewarding and special it all was to "give back." And that's not what I want to get out of it, either. But I feel slightly worried about coming off as a Noble White Lady, rather than someone who does just want to become more involved with women in need within my city/region.


I'm not sure this is a coherent request, but if anyone does understand what I'm asking/feeling, I'd appreciate people letting me know how to avoid being a bad stereotype.

ETA: One bad basic white girl confession: when they described the overnight shifts, I immediately thought, "It'll be like Call the Midwife."

@ me.

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