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Dear GT,

I ask a lot of you, I know. You are the wise and open family I turn to when I don’t know the answer to something hard. I mean, I do have a real life family that I love dearly, but I don’t always feel like I get the answers I need from them. Especially when it comes to my mental health. My mother has mild depression and takes antidepressants for that, but is also very religious, so while she understands mental health as sickness I do tire of her always pushing me “to the Lord” when I’m in a tough place. My brother also has mild depression but is against using meds for himself and preaches the “sunshine exercise good diet” cure.

I have been struggling with what I can only self diagnose as depression and possibly anxiety(?) lately. Like really bad in the last couple months. I have never spoken to a doctor about this, partly because I have not recognized it as such until this past year or so, and partly because I have not had health insurance for the better part of a year. That’s about to change, and I will soon be able to see a doctor and hopefully get an answer and maybe some meds?


So, GT, I don’t know how to talk about this to a doctor. I can barely talk about it to people who I know love me. I’m really struggling to write this. I don’t know anything about the process of getting a diagnosis, what sort of doctor to look for, what to say, how to talk about my symptoms. I’m terrified of getting a dismissive doctor, or an overzealous one. Right now i’m totally overwhelmed by the prospect of this process. What advice do you have for me to make it less daunting? I just want to get my brain screwed in right again.

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