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"How To Murder Your Life" Review

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I started a reading challenge, fifty books in a year’s time. I started at the beginning of Feb. Again — not big on resolutions. But I wanted to read more, and watch less shit that was making me neurotic and angry. I don’t have a list of books to knock out, just picking up what has interested me. What caught my eye this time was How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell.

Oddly enough, because I read xoJane and Vice, I’d never seen her work. Or rather I’d seen it, but my eyes had sailed over it. I wasn’t quite in the know about her, or what the point of her work was exactly. It took reading her memoir and subsequently digesting anything else of her’s I could get my hands on. Her memoir was different from the few I’ve read but shared a trait with two that come to mind Wasted: A Diary of Anorexia and Bulimia or Madness: A Memoir of BiPolar Disorder both by Marya Hornbacher. There is an honesty in Cat’s work that is absent from a lot of the work churned out in the glossy and digital rags we read these days. Blogs and vlogs of living your best life, leave certain notions of what a women’s best life should be… for Cat that at times was Angel Dust on the roof top of some fancy NYC hotel with friends I can’t imagine of the wealthy, gritty and all whom fall in between.

I was drawn in almost immediately; Cat reminds me of a few girls I’ve run into at parties. Literal Manic Pixies.

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