It’s that time of year again - the time when I need to be dressed professionally even when it’s 90 degrees with 80% humidity and I have to spend a quarter of the day outside. I need your help, GT (and hopefully our collective knowledge can help others).

I have naturally curly, coarse, extremely frizzy hair - a stereotypical Jewfro. It grows straight up until it’s about 3 inches long, and I have a lot of baby hairs. My hair tends to look most professional when I wear it down, but I do not have time to wash/condition and set my curls most mornings (day 2 curls are not an option, I am a night sweater and mover), and it’s too hot on my neck. If I pull it back, those baby hairs liberate themselves during the day so I end up with an Einstein look. If I straighten my hair, as I sweat (I’m a sweaty person) it slowly unstraightens itself from the roots until I get the Einstein look again. Any advice, short of cutting it all off? I do like wearing it curly, so I don’t want to do any permanent or semi-permanent treatments.

Also, bonus ask - I always have to choose between wearing pants in hot weather so I can wear stockings, or having my feet shredded as I try to go barelegged. At this point I’m pretty sure they don’t exist, but anyone have recs for comfortable work shoes for wide, flat feet that can be worn without socks while walking a long distance?