This sounds like I'm asking about how to cure a hangover, but I'm really referring to being a complete bitch to a friend. This weekend, I had two friends (my maid of honor and a bridesmaid) throw me a bachelorette party. I can sometimes be a little to quick at the mouth, but I started taking birth control a week ago which made it worse.

At dinner, two friends were celebrating their team beating my team, and normally this wouldn't bother me. But I said they didn't have to rub it in in the meanest tone possible without thinking. They get upset, I tell my friend (and maid of honor) to stop being huffy. And the whole thing just escalates to me running away to the bathroom and not being able to turn off the tears. She approaches me later to try and reason with me, but I tell her I don't want to talk. I end up going home early because the night was just a mess.

We talk the next morning, I apologize and she gets it through that I was 100% in the wrong. She asks why I even want her to be part of the wedding if it seems like she annoys me so much since I'm only quick with words when it comes to her. I just keep apologize and crying wishing I could hit the rewind button, but that's obviously not possible.

She forgave me, the other friend gave me a great hug after I apologized to her, too. I have still been crying non-stop and have the guiltiest feeling. I called the doctor yesterday, and she told me to quit taking the birth control. I just feel like I've damaged this friendship, and now she's just honoring a commitment/lost her enthusiasm toward me. This may not be the case at all as this just happened two-three days ago, but ugh I just can't stop feeling like I'm dog shit on the bottom of the shoe.

I'm finding it hard to be excited about our wedding now, I feel like I've damaged a relationship with a good friend, and I just want this terrible feeling to go away.

Edit: Thanks everyone!