I don't want to be insensitive to those with worse financial issues. I know we are fortunate and privileged. But I am still very stressed.

So as I have said 2,000 times on here, we are moving next week. We bought a house with our VA Loan and have to self move. So many expenses have come up with moving and buying the house and it has more or less devastated our savings. My husband is getting paid till the end of March and will have almost a 90 day fully paid severance. I know it sounds fortunate but he also wasn't ever allowed to take long periods of leave in the military (or even much of a break ever) so it accrued over 8 years between deployments. We are keeping our receipts because I know some of it like moving equipment is tax deductible. But I am having a heart attack. I know we are going to get reimbursed for 95 percent of it and we are being smart about money... but OMG... I am freaking out. We have to buy new spices and food and cleaning supplies because it can't be moved without us being liable if it explodes everywhere.... I am just on a full blown panic attack and we can't stop spending money because so many expenses are on the horizon.