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How to not throw your supervisor under the bus...

I have had a supervisor for a long time, who has always been great and helpful, and recently (this summer) she got promoted within the company but her job duties regarding me stayed the same. I know it's coming from a place of being stretched too thin, but she has really fallen down on her duties with me and I'm not getting the things I need from her.

Normally, I would try to speak to her about it but she's so difficult to get a minute with it's becoming impossible to get a minute with her. I've tried for months. If I go to our big bosses about it, I'm afraid they will get too pissed off when I really just think they need to hire some extra support. But they can be a little quick to jump to conclusions and very demanding, and my direct supervisor is a yes-person so she gets shit just piled and piled on her. She is a valuable asset that gets taken for granted and it's easy to see.


Deep down inside, what I REALLY think is that they should give me her old job, haha.

I know that is a vague and weird situation all written out, but do you guys have any experience or ideas here?

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