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How to stop being so freaking neurotic in relationships

I have a new mentor - and it is a great relationship bc she is brilliant and amazing. But it is mostly over email. This leads to gaps in response, which leads to me freaking out. We don’t know each other well, and so I don’t know yet how she responds to things. She also doesn’t know me well either. This isn’t helped by the virtual nature of our relationship.

I sent her something last night that she had requested - and she hasn’t responded yet. She is super duper busy, but she also tends to be EXTREMELY responsive (but sometimes she cannot be). Options for her lack of response include:

1. She hasn’t read it yet

2. She has read it and is very disappointed in my work and is trying to figure out how to tell me that and how to tell me we can no longer work together.


3. She has read it, and is trying to figure out how to deal with an issue that has nothing to do with me.

4. She read it, but just hasn’t really had time to respond or think or eat lunch or breathe.

I keep trying to figure out if there is some non-neurotic way for me to follow up, because my brain automatically thinks #2 is the most likely - and she is so disappointed, she won’t want to mentor me anymore and it’s all just bad and worse and even more worse than that. And I’m just so nervous and worried.

But really, I need to just calm the f*&# down, focus on work, and not worry about it. If she’s upset, I’ll deal with it then.


Are any of you über-neurotic in relationships? Please help me feel less alone. I don’t need advice on the situation (I’m not really being specific enough to make advice very applicable) - I just want to feel a little less alone with this, and a little less abnormal. Tell me your worst stories of neurosis!!!

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