First of all HOLY CRAP HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN ABLE TO CREATE TOPICS IN GROUPTHINK AND NOT KNOWN? I have no idea, but thank you to whomever green lighted that. I vow to figure out how to post GIFS and find awesome pictures at some point in the near future. (due date ETA)

Second of all, my title. SO, I am a middle manager in a big ass publicly traded corporation. I keep being put in management over people because I have experience managing people and I don't suck at it, but I really like more project management/team type work. It's like the mob- they keep sucking me back in.

Right now, I hate my job SO MUCH. They just gave me a team of 16 people doing a variety of work, and of course there is a fuck ton of transition of duties going on (they split my original team in two and added a bunch of other people who were from an old team they disbanded). So it is super chaotic, there are a ton of meetings. Did I mention most of the meetings are conference calls, because a lot of the new people, and my new boss, are all telecommuters OR work in a different city.

I am not looking for job-switching strategies (I know i should probably just get out), as much as I am looking for mental health strategies. I am inclined to just stick it out before I make any major changes in my employment situation. My husband is starting grad school in the fall (YAY), and when he's done he will have a highly employable degree (psychiatric nurse practitioner), so we will finally have two incomes again. But I really don't want to have to quit my job when he's done to get over the mental anguish and stress of dealing with my current job.

Why do I hate my corporate job? Let's see- I'm technically a manager, so a boss, but I have very little power to actually change anything or make anything happen. Basically I go to meetings and run reports to see how much stuff my employees do every day and get on them if they don't get enough done. I am the first layer of managment, so of course there is an entire giant pyramid above me of managers with various agendas and stuff. And gawd, our current managment structure is very... I don't know. It's not like they're mean. They just expect us to get 50 people's work done with 16 people. No biggie. And it is SO PAINFUL to get anything- it took two weeks for the person that orders office supplies to figure out how to get a mouse for one of my telecommuters. Had to be the approved mouse for her computer. Then she did something on the form wrong. 2 WEEKS FOR A MOUSE. FUCK THAT. Plus I am a very open, cursy, loud person. Which is not corporate 'murica type of person. So I have to edit myself a LOT at work. Which sucks. Plus I don't get a lot of social time because money and everyone else has kids and jobs too and don't live next door. BLAH.


I really really hate my job, but I am pretty much stuck here until my husband gets done with school. And even then, I probably need to have some sort of gainful employment because hey, we will have to pay for that grad school. But at least then I may have some leeway of looking for something else somewhere else. Right now, I just need to survive without going insane.

So what do you do to keep yourself from going nuts about having to work for The Man? What good mantras do you use? Do you have voodoo dolls? Secret hate books? Write horrible office slashfic? Any and all ideas are welcome.