Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I know in some relationships you can tell things are getting more serious because you leave a toothbrush at your lover's house, or maybe a spare change of clothes. In my case, you can tell things are getting mores serious because I left my baking stone at his place. The pizza stone I have spent 4 years seasoning, the stone that has moved 4 times without a crack, the pizza stone that led me to discovering my love of stoneware. I just got tired of hauling it over to his place every time I wanted to make a pizza.

I did go out and buy myself a new stone, so I am not stoneless. But, it is all white and boring looking, it doesn't have the personality of years of baking. Now I have to start the process of seasoning it all over again. ManBerry is lucky I love him!


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