How to tell people you find their project interesting and would like to help out in any way possible? That is my conundrum. Some background information:

I have started getting into minor acting work. Basically just doing mass extras scenes and if I get told to sit/stand in a spot close to the actual actors then great!, if not, not biggie. To do this I periodically check my cities film office website where companies/films looking for people can post advertisements. And I found an independent project that I really want to get involved in!

The ad is very bare bones, but from what I can gleam is that they are doing a film based on the life of Margaret Sanger. The ad says they are looking for women in my age range to play the title roll, something I have zero qualifications for. They also stress that applicants should be interested in/care about her life story. I would like to shoot them an email expressing my interest in the project and volunteering my services for anything and everything. Am I overreaching? I don't know. I don't really know how this stuff.