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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How to write a post (for new authors)

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It’s come up that some of the new authors don’t know how to write and publish a post, and how could they be expected to, if nobody told them how? So, I’m here to tell you how, or at least the basics.


If you want to write your own post, click on your icon on the top right hand corner. “Compose post” appears just below “Your profile”.

Click on “Compose post”, and you will have a new page open up, and your location (Groupthink) is shown in the upper left corner. Under “Headline” you type in your title.


Click on the big box and enter in your content.

At the bottom left hand corner is “tags”, for searching (although you can search key words in the title too), type in some words; “My cat Fluffy”, and hit the comma key, which for some reason closes that tag. You can add as many tags as you like.


The other main tabs are “Save to drafts” and “Publish” at the lower right. “Cancel” is on the lower left.

Those are the basics.

Go forth and post! We want to hear from you!

ETA:(edited to add); check out the comments for refinements, and if you want to edit (as I just did), hover on the three dots at the upper left corner of your post, and click on “edit”, which will allow you to go back in and make changes. Then click on publish again.

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