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How to write about The Biggest Loser

Are you all reading Refinery29? Because you should be. They just wrote the article that Jez should have written: New Biggest Loser Controversy Highlights Much Bigger Problem. Which is about... exactly what it sounds like. (TW for weight loss and eating disorders at the link.)

Seriously, they spend one paragraph describing what happened and calling out body-shaming, and then they move on to describe all the bullshit that makes TBL worth getting worked up about. Eating disorders, hospitalization, and oh yeah, this:

Each episode concludes with the disclaimer: "Our contestants were supervised by doctors while participating in the show, and their diet and exercise regimen was tailored to their medical status and their specific needs. Consult with your own doctor before embarking on any diet or exercise program." However, one former contestant, under the condition of anonymity, released the waiver that the cast was made to sign at the start of filming to the Times. It included the passage: "No warranty, representation or guarantee has been made as to the qualifications or credentials of the medical professionals who examine me or perform any procedures on me in connection with my participation in the series, or their ability to diagnose medical conditions that may affect my fitness to participate in the series."


Which seems far more relevant than making it all about Frederickson—who, while her weight loss may be the most shocking of any contestant's, is still just one of many, many people who have gone through this.

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