Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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How was everyone's weekend?

Did everyone enjoy thier Father's Day weekend? I ignored the holiday since my dad passed away in 2005 but i spent a lot of time with EllaFunksGerald. We swam in her friend's apartment pool which was very nice since we have had a lot of muggy hot days down here. We went to see "A Million Ways To Die In The West". Had some funny moments but a lot of wasted opprotunities that were instead filled with juvillile jokes. Still, a decent movie but i wouldn't have been upset waiting for the dollaor theaters but it was one she wanted to see. She didn't even know who Seth MacFarlane was and i don't think i'll ever get her to watch Family Guy now, not that she ever would.

On Sunday we hung out at home which was nice then went to a park in the middle of a shopping complex for free movie night. They set up this HUGE screen which is basically a big inflatable bouncy house floor to project a movie onto. People come with thier kids and bring food, blankets, chairs, whatever they want. It wasn't as muggy as it had been and it was quite nice to sit outside and enjoy a movie. They were showing "Despicable Me 2" which i've seen but it wasn't bad. We are defidently going back to see "Tangled" next weekend, Ella loves that movie, and i know we'll be back in two weeks for 'The Incredables". If we had gone last weeked we could have seen "Frozen" but then i would have had that song stuck in my head for another week.


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