Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How did Tuesday treat everyone?

I smoked for the first time in ages. You guys, I am apparently operating on a super high level of stress, I didn't even notice. But I keep having to remind my self to untense my muscles. And the sky was beautiful again, and I actually listened to music and noticed the intense layers. (Or is Sascha Funke's Mango just REALLY intense? It was on the Chill station, so maybe? It's driving in the desert at night with a quickness and intensity music). I miss peaceful me. Everything was so much beautiful then.


Anyway, it was perfectly timed because I think some asshole in my new complex is going through my packages. I found a box on my door tonight that was delivered Friday according to UPS and it was half open and taken out of the bubble wrap. It was an ounce of spearmint oil from Amazon, so no value and not worth causing suspicion, so it was put back today. That just sucks. And someone is roaming the complex going through people's yards (which are high privacy fence), and stealing shit too, so asking UPS to leave packages there would be stupid to. Sigh. I do a lot of my shopping online because I'm one of those people like to see all of the options available to me and then pick the best one. Luckily my Loot Crate fit in the mailbox.

YOU GUYS, I GOT MY FIRST LOOT CRATE! I don't know if I'll do it every month, because it's crap I don't need, but they advertised Firefly merch and I just had too. Cute nerd merch is just what I need. It usually makes me squee.


Look at Cute Lil Captain Mal!!!!! (Sorry, I'm an old. My phone camera skills suck)

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He's guarding the coffee. It's serious business.

And I got a Tribble! Which, I am not a big Star Wars person, but it's crazy how Tribbles are something that I just know. I knew what it was before knowing what it was from.


And POP ROCKS! You guys, as an adult, opening up my Loot Crate was the funnest thing I've done in ages. I felt like a gleeful 8 year-old.

I don't even care that my period came a day early.

So, how you guys, how was your day?

ETA - On re-reading, I realize I used to and too horrendously. I'm not fixing it, because lazy, but I'm aware

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