Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How was your day, dear?

Did you hang out with friends or family? Did you have to work? Did you grill out? Have a party? Go to the beach? Huddle in the basement due to crappy weather? C’mon in, grab a drink, park your butt on the couch, and tell me all about it.

My day: Husband had to work, so that pretty well scrapped any family stuff. LittleSmacks2 is getting over a nasty cold and double ear infection so he chilled in his room watching House all day. EldestSmacks went to the carnival in town with one of his not-girlfriends, after they made a mess of my kitchen making mac and cheese and pb&j’s. BabySmacks basically spent the day outside with his buddies (yay!), and LittleSmacks3 was bored and annoyed that he is grounded from the internet, so he moped around and pestered me all day.


I basically spent the day lounging about, reading online, making snacks, hanging out with O-H and watching the Magic School Bus, reading my book (Helen of Troy by Margaret George), teasing my cats, and playing games.

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