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How we keep from losing it on bad days

Today was...long. The judge had a lot to say, more than one mother yelled at me, and I was 10 minutes late for yoga. Thank God my dog had pooped all over the floor so I could smell and deal with that when I got home, because I was beginning to think I was just too lucky.

But the thing is I am too lucky. My job may make me want to gouge my eyes out, I'm mad that my ex didn't realize how selfish he is and correct it, and dog poop is smelly. In spite of all this I am challenging myself to write in this thing every day, especially on days like these, and fill one page with things I'm grateful for and things I accomplished.


I bought it at Papyrus, but it's also available on Amazon, and of course any journal will do. It's one of the ways I am coping with growing up and going into this third/fourth decade with plans to make myself well-adjusted and centered.

Namaste, folks. In everything, give thanks.

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