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I'm a designer — I'm also sometimes an art director and sometimes a social media manager — but mostly I'm a designer. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work out of a home office in my pajamas (including right now), but when I go meet clients I spend on average an hour getting ready.


An example of my typical uniform:

  1. Makeup — very even(ed with makeup) skin, clear lipgloss, intense brows, heavy mascara, no eyeshadow.
  2. Clothes — dark jeans, usually ankle length; pointed flats; black blazer, with the sleeves pushed up; dark or black top.
  3. Jewelry — wedding ring ... maybe earrings. Maybe.
  4. Glasses — required for sight but yes, those black rimmed ones. In my defense they were $6 online and I plan on getting some clear ones!

Why do I do this? Because as a working artist I feel like I have to present myself in a certain aesthetic. I can say, unflinchingly, that people will judge me if I don't. I've made that mistake ... showing up for meetings in a cute dress and cardigan to find that I'm not taken as seriously. Which isn't to say this has anything to do with casual. I know that's not it, it's more about matching an ideal people have in their heads, and taking advantage of that ideal. (Hilariously, when I was in architectural design this 'ideal' for architects was just BLACK. WEAR ALL BLACK. ARCHITECTS WEAR BLACK WHAT ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE FIRED.)

When I read posts about people choosing to wear or not wear makeup, or certain clothes, I can't help but think about the consequences inherent in those choices. I can choose to not play to the 'designer aesthetic,' but why would I? I'm not exactly reinforcing an Evil Overlord, and I'm helping let me clients know my competence at a glance.


I'd be interested to know about everyone's "uniforms" and how you all think it imparts people's perceptions of you.

Plus we can all talk about clothes for awhile. :)

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