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How will NJ bombing affect future organized walks or runs?

As we all know in New Jersey there were bombs in trash and one of them went off along a running race route. Thankfully the organizers had problems getting race started and no one was injured.

Yet I was thinking of races and walks in my area. Plenty of Walk For Cancer type walks. Also many people whose trash pickup is on Friday morning will often bring in the barrel Saturday. For those who get picked up early Saturday morning well often late in the day do people bring in their barrels. I have seen trash barrels picked up Thursday morning and still on the sidewalk Saturday afternoon, a neighbor does this all the time.


Now that’s for people with front yards, some areas are duplexes and apartments and the trash barrels are always on the sidewalk.

I would think after NJ bombing the organizers and police doing security have to take into account trash barrels along the route now.


A local park from which races start and finish has a number of trash barrels on the sidewalk for people to use. I assume those will be gone for next race and walk.

I know some people here are involved with organized walks or runs how has NJ affected your job?

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