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How Would You Confront This Work Situation

So I was supposed to be on an unpaid hiatus for last week and this week at work. I was asked before going on hiatus by the assistant manager who handles scheduling, etc. if I wanted to work through it instead. I said that I’d need Thanksgiving week off, but would come a week early. They then said that since I’d only be gone for a week, and it was a short week, they’d finagle it so that I’d get paid for the week. Awesome! I filled out my timecard accordingly where three days were taken as Leave, the holiday was noted, all seemed good.

Today I got my paycheck for that week, and I got paid for 3 days, but not for the holidays, which my union dictates that we get paid.

So, how should I ask the assistant manager what happened? My immediate take would be to ask what happened and why I wasn’t told of any change, since I was led to believe I’d get the full week’s pay. So basically making it more of a communication issue than a “Where the fuck’s my money?!” issue since I could’ve gotten nada for that week.

Thoughts, opinions, other work rants?

UPDATE: it was a misunderstanding/miscommunication of the type of leave I needed to put on the timecard.If I wanted to raise a stink and potentially piss off the assistant manager, I could have a stop-payment put on my current check and rectify the situation. Not worth the effort. Thanks for the advice about the angle to take, it worked!

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