I wouldn’t really give a fuck.

1. White people, IME are usually so arrogant that they always think you are an affirmative action hire. And you always get treated as such. And I have never been in a situation where I didn’t immediately proceed to stunt on every single one of those heauxs regardless.

2. I have seen up close and personal this happen more than once.

Hiring person: oh we need a new person. *gets on the phone and calls everyone she knows*


Coworker: here is so and so resume.

Hiring person: takes it and throws it in trash, because she doesn’t like co worker.

Co worker two: here is so and so resume

Hiring person: takes it and calls dude cause she likes that co worker even though he is underqualified


Hiring person: loves under qualified so and so. She will hire him if friends who she has previously called don’t call back.

Boss man: walks in throws number at hiring person. Says his sisters cousins ain’t shit nephew gets position, because she’s tired of him “teaching English” in (insert east Asian country) and needs him to get his life together. So he gets the job and proceeds to be useless at it.


So once again nope, don’t give a fuck.