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Welcome To The Bitchery

This morning wewere watching Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC nine am hour. She and her panel were discussing the suspension of Charlie Rose. Yes I know in the afternoon he was fired.

Anyways my mother said this (she is over 75).

My mother: I recall a time when women ran around with their married bosses and I know two cases of bosses marrying their secretaries. So are these women those that rebuffed their bosses. Though what Charlie Rose did was disgusting and he deserves punishment.


Me: Bosses should not be going after their secretaries its an abuse of power.

My mother: I know that. One boss was an executive who lost his job over marrying his secretary.

Note: I have no way of validating this. It could very well have been a rumor he lost his job over marrying his secretary while the truth could have been he quit for a better job. This was the 70s I seriously doubt an exec for an industry would lose their job over this except as an excuse to get rid of him.

Me: It should never happen to begin with.

She seems stuck with the idea that some women do “run around” with men at work and some marrying their boss then thinking its women who rebuff advances blow the whistle.


This is not the first time she brought it up. Yet she understands its bad but she said men flirted with her at work but accepted it as part of the workplace. When I say its beyond flirting she understands and finds the groping sickening.

How do I respond to her part about the secretaries marrying their boss and women who run around with men in the office part? It seems like she knows these are not the ones being talked about but every time she talks about it this aspect gets brought up.


Note: I believe running around is an archiac phrase but it means based on my interpretation “sleeping around” at least that’s how my mother makes it sound. Running around does not mean road races or jogging. I do not know if their is a modern day phrase.

Any tips?

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