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How would you respond to this comment about Trump and NYT article

I am positive almost everyone here read the article from Sunday and the news after about his treatment of women based on the article.

My mother who is a Hillary supporter: That article was nothing really.

Me: Huh? Did you read the part about his daughter?

My mother: Well that was wrong what he said about her. He runs a Beauty Contest of course he would say wow about the contestants.


Me: It was still wrong treating them like objects.

My mother: its a Beauty Contest.

Now this is where I need help in responding.

My mother: There has been no indications he ever once tried to get sexual favors from them or used them sexually unlike Bill Cosby. He (Trump) should be commended for not doing this.


Now this is from a huge Hillary supporter who voted for her in 2008 and put up a sign for her last time and now for the primaries. I am wondering if it could be generational she is in her 70s. That what Trump is saying in the article is something akin to what her generation put up with at the workplace.

Although if Cosby becomes the standard its an exceedingly easy bar to walk over.

Technically my mother seems correct. He still treats women as objects based on their looks. Granted if Cosby is your reference point Trump wins. Except that win against Cosby does not give him a pass.


How would you respond? Should I fear this reaction from older democrats who may like my mother think “except for daughter part the article is not that bad, oh Cosby was worse”.

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