Is not something you want to hear in an interview. :/

I mentioned yesterday that I had a second/third interview (well, first in person...had a screening interview on Tuesday and a phone interview yesterday evening—it went well).

I was under the impression I was meeting one person—he was nice and that interview went well. Then after that was done, he wanted me to meet with someone else. It was pretty clear she didn't like me. Or was confused by me.

She came in and mentioned that she hadn't read my resume and to walk her through it. Which I did. She was confused about how I ended up in front of her asking, "how did we even get your resume, was it a recruiter?" It was not. Someone from their HR dept emailed me on linkedin and then screened me over the phone and then passed my resume on to the dept. She was also didn't understand what information and library science was and how it could possibly be related to the position.


She asked if I had any experience training people and I told her about how I used to train volunteers and staff at a job a had a while ago as an assistant manager. And then she was like, "So that was a volunteer job?" But the tone in her voice was really condescending. It was really uncomfortable.

But the first guy I met with was nice and I think that portion went well. He said he'd "pass along his regards" about me to the VP of the department, assuming that I'd have to speak with him if I didn't somehow completely torpedo the second part of the interview.

Anyways, I'm not holding my breath.