Stich's post on sleeping animals has me all curious as to how people got their pets. Despite not really wanting pets, we got two from my dad's parents.

My parents got Chapa five years before we were born from my grandparents when they realized they weren't able to take care of a dog. Chapa died 17 years later, still a part of the family.


Missy's been my grandparents cat for about 15-16 years and they loved her dearly. We took her in back in August when my grandmother was going through a string of hospitals and rehabs and Missy's usual temporary caretaker wasn't up to it. So when my grandmother died at the end of November, well there wasn't really much of a question of where Miss would go.

So yeah, how'd your furry friends end up part of your family?

ETA: Even if I don't respond to you individually, ya'll are amazing and have the cutest animals.