OK, so it's a little early! But why don't we encourage each other/report our progress or lack thereof? In my case, it's mainly lack thereof!

Here I go:

1. No more sleeping medication besides Melatonin.

The main goal here is to get rid of Ambien, which I've depended on for far too long. I have not taken Ambien since the last couple days of December - this is after 15 years of on and off use. I have taken Klonopin before bed, but that's halfway OK in my mind since I'm weening off something even stronger, and I'm working toward a Melatonin-only program. Have not touched Trazodone or Benadryl even though I have them on hand.


2. Spend less money eating out at restaurants.

I've definitely cut my restaurant budget for January and am remaining very aware of spending in general. I use Mint for this and don't give myself any slack - if I go over on a discretionary budget, I cut another area. No more restaurants on my dime for the rest of the month.

3. Keep doing yoga or Pilates 3-4 times a week.

I've done great on this except for the past week, but I had a muscle spasm and didn't want to mess with it. I should be able to start back today or tomorrow.


4. Cut credit card debt in half.

Mixed progress. I have definitely created a handy Google spreadsheet to manage it and have plans in place, but I need to be better about sticking to budgets. I've transferred balances to 0% interest cards to buy some time and designated each credit card as "don't use," "use for only x," etc. I've also come up with an ideal payment for each for each month and calculated how long it will take to pay them down with that amount. But I went a little crazy on Birchbox this month.


5. If work stresses me out, go straight to my journal and write about it.

I've been pretty good about this. It helps to write down whatever is bugging me at the end of the day, and the suggestion to put work anxieties in a journal was floated by my shrink after I told her I'm having crazy nightmares. That said, I should have vented in there this past week my anxieties about missing work due to illness, because it really stressed me out and I internalized it rather than trying to work it out of my system.


How are you doing? Provide updates! Let's give each other tips and cheerleading! <3 And good morning!