Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

For those not in the know, HEALTH! YEA is a "program" (quotes because it's kinda a program but also just something I made up with a funny name) where you are required/encouraged to make one positive choice that you wouldn't have been making otherwise. There's no specific focus besides HEALTH!


After a late slightly hungover start, here's how my Sunday is going.

  • Started corned beef brisket in slow cooker in time for us to eat it. ORGANIZATION! YEA.
  • Sorted some trash and face care materials by my night table. ORGANIZATION! YEA.
  • Put away dishes. Loaded dishwasher. Started it again. Also started working on our pots/pans since they can't be dishwashed. SELF CARE! YEA.
  • Put vinegar and hot water through the coffee pot. CLEANING! YEA.
  • Gave Husband some healthy snack foods (bean salad, whole grain crackers and an apple) while he was working on a job application. SELF-LESS HEALTHY CARETAKING OF SPOUSE! YEA.
  • Vacuumed, scrubbed, and replaced mat for one of the litter box areas including vacuuming floor and entryway carpets. HEALTH AND SELF-RESPECT! YEA.
  • Just made some cod sandwiches for Husband and I made with high fiber bread topped with spinach, lemon juice, cheese and just a little tartar sauce and mayo.

How are your positive choices going? Don't be fooled by my list. The goal is still just ONE thing.

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