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Emotions are riding high for me right now, good and bad. It's a little early to say this for sure because I'm scared to jinx it, but I might have an absolutely incredible job offer on the horizon, something that would finally be in a field I'm passionate about. I have great friends and community, and I'm reminded of that nearly every day. The people in my life are amazing. Things with Greenhunk are better than they have been in like over a year. I bought my wedding shoes this week and they're gorgeous.

But I just found out my closest friend and maid of honor might not be able to make it to my wedding. She's a TESOL teacher for a university, and all but one of her classes got cut this term, so she's applying to teach overseas. One of the jobs that she thinks she has a good chance of getting is in the Marshall Islands and starts two weeks before my wedding. Tickets home are like $1900. I want what's best for her, obviously, but the thought that she might not be there is so disappointing, especially since my sister won't be at my wedding either.


How's it going for you, GT? Anything exciting? Anything terrible you want to vent about?

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