I've been putzing around the house all day doing a little of everything and a lot of nothing. It's a gorgeous sunny day here so I feel a little guilty for not at least stepping outside but I've got the sliding doors open to let in fresh air and the sound of the river flowing by. So that's nice.

I just enrolled in Oregon's Medicaid program and I'm trying to fight the rising anxiety while looking at all the information to figure out how exactly I go about visiting the damn doctor. I literally can't remember the last time I visited the doctor or a clinic...I think it might have been about 6 years ago when I had some kind of virus. I'm pretty healthy I think but I really need to get bloodwork done and probably a pelvic exam since I'm a grown woman now or whatever.

Anyway, how are you doing today? Have a good weekend? What does your upcoming week look like? How's the weather where you are? How ready are you for summer to just GET HERE ALREADY like me?