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Ohhh boy, my “person people” are my sisters tonight, and every day anyway. I can’t imagine a world where I could live without their smack in the face humor & wrap around hugs. And their word hug smacks..

Real world hugs, too. I’m so, very lucky.

We are losing a beautiful man; our brother in law. Baby Sister brought him to us & his Irish Vocabulary that came with him is locked up in laughter & a close ear to try to understand. I’ve always loved that he gave no shits about trying to make his brogue more friendly. My job is to listen even harder. I pretended to know what he was saying for a long time, until I quit pretending :)


We ALWAYS ended up in laughter & hugs, because I would always end up saying, “What the fuck did you just say, H...y?”

Sorry, loves. The entire world is going to be a darker place when he leaves us. That is true. I have no illusions. My concern now is him knowing that morphine is his friend.

I’m sorry to be such a bummer & suck the air out of the room. But this is where I am & you may be too, someday. Life is a gift, it truly is. Every day you wake up & your feet slide in to your slippers is a gift. Every day that you put your pants on & fall in love with the morning sun or the dusky moon is a fuckin’ gift.


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