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How's your Sunday? (OT)

It’s rainy and grey here. How’s the weather where you are?

I was hoping to get a bunch of work done today but this weather’s got me exhausted. Instead, I’ve been watching Ink Master, if not allll day, then much of the day. Have you guys seen it? I kind of love it. How does Dave Navarro look the same today as he did 20 years ago? Is he magic?!


One good thing about the cool weather was the ability to turn on the oven without melting. I took advantage and roasted some veggies, baked banana blondies (who was it here who gave me that recipe? I LOOOOVE them and make them often!), and made veggie “tuna” casserole.

Anyway, GT, how was your weekend? Any good plans for the upcoming week?

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