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Hello Hivemind!

I came to ask all of you lovely professionals out there an HR question.

I interviewed for a job on Nov. 21st. I interviewed with my potential manager and his boss. The potential manager (I'll call him Bill), called me the very next day to tell me that they weren't picking me up for the job that I interviewed for, but thinks I may be a better match for another. He told me there's a much better chance to work my way up from this position, and that it's much more dynamic. That made me happy. Bill told me he was off the week of Thanksgiving, so he'd give me a call the Monday after (today) to schedule another interview to talk about that job.


I've not got a call nor email from him as of yet. (It's 2:46 p.m. local time) Normally, I wouldn't fret over something like this. But the fact that Bill called me the day after saying he wanted to second round interview me for a separate job makes me hopeful that they really do want to hire me.

Is it acceptable to send a friendly email, something like "Hope you had a pleasant holiday, would you still like to talk with me?". Or should I at least wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to make a move?

Thanks everyone!

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