I'm not totally sure if this is even a human resources issue. I just know my management team isn't doing anything about it and I need answers.

Here's my deal. I work in retail, in an environment that sells electronics. We also offer classes on said products that customers can take. They can then schedule appointments and come in for training on the product they bought. Well, we have a woman who obviously is a single parent, because every time she comes in, she brings her son. Her son is probably 13-14, but is mentally handicapped, so his mental age is lower. (I also apologise if I offend anyone with my explaining. I don't wish to sound rude or ignorant).

Anyway, my problem is that he has 'latched onto' me. When she comes in for training, she sets him up at a table, and then leaves him to his own devices for an hour or so. He has taken to touching himself, and rubbing himself on our tables, while staring at me. And today, when they were at the store, he actually left his chair and followed me around the store. I ended up walking off the floor because he made me so uncomfortable. A coworker told me when he realised I was gone, he threw himself on the floor and had a tantrum. I'm afraid that one day they will come in for training and I won't be able to leave the floor. My fear is that he will approach me and I won't be able to extricate myself from the situation, and I don't want to put myself OR this family in such an awkward place. My management team told me to 'use my judgement' and if I can walk off the floor, I'm free to do so. But I need to be aware if we are busy, I might not be able to leave. That makes me VERY uncomfortable. I feel as though my safety trumps customers. Am I wrong? Should I suck it up and deal with it? Or ask for something to be done? I feel like a huge bitch, because I hate to see this woman not be allowed in the store, but I also can't end up with a panic attack every time they come in. Right now, they've been in three times, but she has mentioned to one of our trainers that she will be in more now that school is over.

I'm seriously worried this will get worse, and while I'm probably overreacting, I'd rather overreact than be unprepared. This has me stressing out big time.