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HR'd the fuck out of my harasser

Been harassed by a guy at work for 1.5 years now. It's the strangest sexual harassment though. Dude just wants to be my boyfriend... bad, real bad. Turned him in last September to our direct superiors and declined contacting HR. He got a talking to and has, for the most part, backed off save for the occasional weird text. The texts vacillate wildly from vaguely threatening (keep your distance) to supremely apologetic (what can I do to make things better between us). I've been saving them for a rainy day and today was that day.

I've been extremely reluctant to go to HR for reasons. The main one being my father is in a position of power and name recognition within the college where I work at my university and reporting this seemed kind of ripe for making a big ass scene. I'm already sensitive to the suggestion of nepotism and I've allowed this asshole to use it against me. So! Because I've got all these texts/emails saved I've got a nice little bevy of evidence that this guy should, at the very least, get his behavior documented in a file so if he does keep his job they'll at least have evidence of this behavior if he ever harasses a woman again. Fuck you weird guy who won't leave me alone!


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