My 10 year HS reunion is this weekend. I had really contemplated not going home (it's about a 60 mile drive, one I make regularly to see my parents) this weekend, but due to some vehicle issues last weekend I have to if I want to get my car back. But I'm just having all these uncomfortable thoughts about the reunion.

Do I go? I wasn't planning on it, but I don't want to be the jerk who thinks she's "too good" for the reunion (when that's not what I think, I just hated how horrible HS was). Basically the reunion has been planned by all of the former "popular" kids who decided that they would do popular things (like go to the "cool" bar which is the place in town to be "seen" and is basically a mating ground for sorority and fraternity people, or there's also a dinner planned at the country club... as if I ever went there before!).

Do I stick to my guns and just not go to the organized stuff? I mean, I've facebooked and texted a couple friends about getting together at one of the bars in town I actually like. But basically the list of people I've invited include about... 3. I mean, not exactly a long list of people I'm interested in seeing.

I just am so worried that if I do go that it's going to be SUPER obvious how I had absolutely no friends in HS. I mean, I'm sure that I had people who liked me, but it's not like I ever DID anything. Nobody invited me to parties, nobody wanted to hang out with me outside of school, nobody invited me to be in their "prom" group (nobody invited me to prom period). And it's not like I have anything to go and brag about like I'm sure everyone else will be. Not married, no kids (unless you count my dog). I mean, I have a job, but it's not like it's anything special. I'm just terrified I'll be the girl in the corner that nobody wants to talk to, just like HS all over again.

I dunno, I'm just feeling super down about the whole thing and really wishing I had the excuse of "I'm just not going to be in town!" but I don't.


So advice?