Watched that and started thinking. I'm less an atheist and more an agnostic theist. I don't believe in religion of any kind, but I still believe in God. I just acknowledge that I'll never know if there is a God in enough time to do anything about it, so I appreciate his maybe existence when I see fit, and don't sweat it too much.

But when it comes to Science vs. religion, I've always felt like that argument was silly. If God is omnipotent and knows/controls everything, then science can't be THAT bad. My person view is that science is the tool that God gave us as a means to understand the world that he gave to us. Science is God's tool to help us figure shit out on our own, so that he doesn't have to answer each existential prayer about the meaning of the universe individually.


And if that's too hard, then basically... we have cures for diseases because God gave them to scientists. Or something.

It's like inconsistencies in the Harry Potter world. You can explain everything away with BECAUSE MAGIC, so why doesn't it work with science and God?